Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Never Google Yourself

I googled my name tonight and found out that I (or perhaps those who share my name?) ...

Sell racing products. I'm too old for puppy love but I have a 20 year old girlfriend while cavorting with an 18 year old waitress. I offer legal services in criminal defense as a Texas attorney. I'm an expert at architectural glass products, music, and art. I am a securities litigations expert in L.A. I pitched and fielded for Detroit, both New York teams, as well as Montreal. I seem to have an alcohol addiction and I also dabble in crack.

And I died in Iraq. The trail goes cold after that.

I offer a sincere salute and thank you to the last Ronald Woods on the list.


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot "pastor"

Ron said...

No. "Pastor" was not listed. Not in the first 5 pages anyway. :(

Shannon said...

See things like this don't happen when you have a name like Shannon Kincannon.

When I google my name it is truly all me except for one link that is actually indirectly related to me. Did that even make any sense?