Friday, September 18, 2009

Baseball is evil and baseball is hairy so I quit

Tonight I decided to hate baseball for the next 5 months. My team stinks and they stink on purpose. 'Nuff said. But here are some pictures that influenced my decision in a back-and-forth kind of way...

These guys kept falling into the stadium which made me want to enlist and drop into ball parks more often.

Then they double-decked it which doubled my temptation.

Next my friend Gordon decided to switch from his team to my team. That was really encouraging. Thanks, Gordon!

Everybody knows that I love meetings and I guess that in baseball you can pause the game at any point and get together with the guys and meet. That almost clinched it for me. I was nearly hooked. Two meetings at once! See how happy they look?

And then I saw this guy and I realized ... I don't want to turn into him. And he's cheering for baseball. So I want to thank him for helping me to give up the game until spring training. And maybe forever. Probably not ... but maybe. I'll have to talk to the lady who cuts my hair. She gets a vote.



Anonymous said...

This is one of your funniest posts in a long time. LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

As a long time Cubbies fan I find myself calling the help lines a lot this time of year. I get depressed and say bad things. I jump on people irrationally for not stealing a base or have good closing pitching. They look at me weird. I think to myself maybe the Bears will help raise my sense of being. I am glad you are more adult than me. I am mentally and physically having problems with my Chicago origins right now. Don’t let Jimmy know I am this upset he might really put me over the edge.

Pray for me!!!!!!!

Jeff your brother
And a stupid Cubs fan…. Help me…. I am dying another year…