Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heart Attacks and Brain Cramps

So today my brother ... whom I had not seen in two years ... mentioned quite casually to me that he had a heart attack 18 months ago.

Say what?

Yes indeed. My brother ... the sole remaining member of my family of origin ... had a heart attack while I was living in Cleveland and neglected to pass that word along to me. Exactly how does something like this slip your mind? Was he engrossed in the latest episode of "Family Guy?" Obviously NOT. I mean, on his own, he's obviously only a marginal "family guy" at best!

Anyway, he's alright. Of course that doesn't matter because now I have to kill him. Slowly. Painfully. It's a matter of family honor. Dad would have wanted it this way. And as a beginning of his punishment/torture I thought I would expose the latest picture I took of him (moments after he revealed this bit of news) to the world. The head below ... the sign above ... it only seems appropriate and accurate.


jeffy777 said...

Hey, say hi to Jim for me. He looks good anyway. I remember when he was the youth pastor at Hillcrest. He put up with me. Quite an accomplishment.

OKAY, OKAY the voices in my head head say you Ron have had even more to put up with. Dang voices. They are always putting me down.

OKAY, OKAY I know I am just rambling here. Dang voices.

It was nice to see Jim.

Jeff your Brother