Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snippets that need to be snipped

-I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Chicago Cubs for folding in April this year. It will save me a lot of heart ache when September arrives.

-I would like to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers for giving my "Great North Coast" friends something to cheer for. Cleveland is not a horrible city. It isn't a world class city but neither is St. Louis. That's reserved for the greats like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. It is a city with a reputation to over come. Honestly, it pretty much did it to itself. When you dump cars in your biggest tourist attraction, Lake Erie, because you can't figure out what else to do with them, well it's going to come back and bite you sooner or later. So my Cleveland friends need something to cheer for. The Cav's are top seed and could well get the ring. I'm pulling for them!

-Debbie did her best to choke to death on pudding this evening. It had a few stray apples in it. She managed to lodge one in her trachea. Fortunately, she dislodged it before I could get in the room and make it worse.

-A wonderful young 7 year old called me this evening and asked if I would baptize him this Sunday. ABSOLUTELY! It made my day!

-My "cough from &%^$*" has returned and so I'm sucking up the codeine cough syrup again. It makes me feel like I'm on drugs. Oh. Wait. I am.

-I'm trying to devise a great vacation plan for my lovely bride and I for late this summer or early fall. I promised she would either dip her toes back in an ocean, set her feet on the top of a mountain, or walk the streets of a new (to her) city before the year is out. I have no idea at all where to take her. Ever since I orchestrated "The Great Debbie Woods Mystery Ramble, 2005" we have decided on our vacation destinations together. Maybe it's time for another mystery ramble. Mail suggestions to I won't give you credit if I choose your suggestion (I want it for myself!) but you'll have the personal satisfaction of a job well done. Isn't that worth something?

-"Five Guys" is building a restaurant 1.5 miles from my home. I must increase my work-out regime to prepare for the onslaught of calories.

-My niece Katie asked me to go spelunking with her this summer. I am SO in. I think she may want to get me alone so she can kill me. It's a risk I'm wiling to take. Do bats eat human flesh?