Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burger Wars ... a side note

Okay, I just e-talked with Kristi. She never meant to declare "Burger Wars." Now I feel really badly about having gone off on her so harshly on my last blog. (But not badly enough to change it.) She was just being kind ... knowing how much I love a good burger ... and trying to bless me with burger conversation. Literally. You see, we were doing a "video chat" when all of this started. I guess Wataburger is wi-fi? (That would be a major point in favor of Wataburger.) I noticed her on and we video-chatted for half an hour or so at which time I totally lusted after her hamburger. I mean, come on! A cow died for your appetite! You've gotta show your gratefulness!

Kristi McGill ... I totally love you! You are one of my favorite people and the best kid in the youth group EEVVEERR!!

Kristi. My friend that I love a lot.


Kristi said...

Aww thanks! It's good to know the world will know the truth... because i could never hope to win a burger contest with you Mr. Woods.... however, an argument about being a REAL baseball fan... i'd win that every time.... LOL LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

So. Are you going to post an update about possibly being number ONE for EFree's referral website? or, um, whatever it was that we were clicking for?? :)
PS: I'm a new friend of your daughter's, and already think she's stinkin' awesome! :)

Melanie Davis said...

Ron, Ron, Ron,

We all know I was the best kid in the youth group ever. Remember buying me a Coke in Kansas City? You said it was because I was the best kid in the youth group ever. Or maybe I'm getting myself mixed up with Denise. Seems like that happened to her too. We're on to you man.