Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uhhhh ... I'm so glad I blogged nice!

You just never know who is reading your blog! I just found this in my email box ...

"HEY RON!!!!
This is Maureen (one of the owners of Five Guys in Avon), and if you show your big beautiful mug in my store again I will buy your next burger!!! This may be the best, and most acurate blog I have ever seen on the internet. Thanks for the love. We love our customers!!! And honestly, our "counter geek" is pretty cool ;o) See ya soon, Maureen"

My first reaction? You absolutely KNOW I'll be heading back to Five Guys VERY soon for my free burger!!!!! I never realized that my "mug" was "big and beautiful" but if it gets me a free "Five Guys" burger ... you can call me anything you want, Maureen!

My second reaction? One of the "Five Guys" is a girl!!!! Hey ... works for me! Just keep the beef coming, Maureen!

Take THAT Wataburger!!!! Kristi ... Free burgers beats "wi-fi" everytime. :)



Melanie Davis said...

You think he could get me a free burger here in Murfreesboro?


Kristi said...

AGAIN... I wasn't trying to BEAT you... i was just sharing with you because you seemed to be fascinated with the idea of Whataburger.... and if my blog was popular, and manager of whataburger read it, I'd get free whataburger for life.... because my mug is cuter than yours.... HA.