Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Burger Time!

Relax, human race. After much investigating the ownership and offer of A FREE BURGER at the Avon, Ohio "Five Guys" has been proven by Dick Tracy to be 100% a-u-t-h-e-n-t-i-c! This is no hoax! I repeat ... no hoax!

It's burger time!

Oh ... and a special word to the wonderful young man who took our order a few days ago. About the "geek" comment ...I meant that as an abbreviation. It stands for "G"reatest "E"mployee "E"fficient &"K"ind. You did know that? Right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,
Glad to see you called and checked up on me, and looks like you were in. OH yeah and there are 5 guys, they are the 5 sons of the family who started 5 guys down in VA. A fantasic group of BURGER FANATICS!! As for no "wi-fi"... you know the money is in the food man, and who could hold one of our burger and type???? I DON't think so... see you soon maureen

Ron said...

Hi Maureen!

Yes, I did "check up." Burn me once ... shame on you. Burn me twice ... shame on ME! I'm glad you are "the real deal!"

No, I didn't go in today. That was a picture from my last visit, the same day as the previous pictures. But I'll be in next week for my free burger! MMMMMM!

:) Ron