Monday, April 28, 2008

I ... am my hero!

Note to Bella:

I did it. Me. I flexed my muscles, focused my energies, and manned-up. 35 inches of glory. Out of the Mustang, through the garage, the hallways, up NINE stories. Down the hall. Through the door. Onto the amazingly strong "Sterilite" containers. Plugged in. Turned on. Positively glowing. 35 diagonal inches of pure bliss.


Please ... I am a mere human. Do not worship me.

(I would like to thank all of those who made this moment possible. Ethan Ferguson for helping me load the monster upside down in my garage. Couldn't have done it without ya. Laura "Bella" Rulo for cheering us on without laughing too frequently, and for riding with her knees scrunched up into her chin while we drove to Cannoli's. A big thanks to all of the traffic that stayed out of my way as I drove the 580 miles home on Saturday. A "Howdy and nice job" to the bottle of Tylenol I'm about to take. Oh, and a "Thanks so much" for the nurses in the nursing home that will be turning me every 2 hours to keep me from getting bed sores when I'm admitted early due to inability to lift anything ever again. And finally ... especially ... my wife Debbie cause, geez, that things on your side of the bed and I'm pretty sure you'll get a really nice tan from it which I will like. You all mean SO VERY MUCH.)


Anonymous said...

i give it a week before the steriltes give out crushing debbie. man, i am going to be pissed.

Unknown said...

i'm really sorry to say this...but i don't believe for one single second that you untrapped that thing from your back seat and got it onto a cart. Nor do i believe that you got it from the cart to the place it is sitting there. not even if you hadn't broke your finger. you paid someone to do that with cold hard cash....or food. i guarantee it. and i can't believe you are lying to your loyal readers.

but i'm glad you made it happen.

Ron said...

Bella ... what you believe does not make a difference. I swear on my MUSTANG that I did it myself. It was ugly and ... and ... okay, I even rolled it over a time or two. But I did it allllll alone. I took the top down, lowered the windows, slid the front seat all the way up and literally rolled it out the door onto a blanket. Then I lifted it the 8 inches or so onto the cart. Getting it into the apartment was killer cause the cart would not fit through the door. As far as getting it onto the plastic containers ... sheer brute force. I'm sure it's on multiple video tapes from the apt. camera's but you'll have to trust me. True story. 100%.

Anonymous said...

I think I see something you need at the very bottom of that Sterilite container on the left.

I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this.